Hospitality Management

About Hospitality Management

A cardinal part of hospitality industry, hotel management has wide employment opportunities. Moreover, with globalisation gaining acceptance with more and more countries, the hotel management industry is truly becoming global. As hotel chain owners are opening new hotels in various big and small cities, requirement for trained hotel management professionals is huge. Although considered one of the most glamorous careers, hotel management requires professionals who can keep their cool even in the most challenging situations. Hotel management can include Hotel & Restaurant management, Cruise Ship Hotel management, Hospital Administration and Catering, Hotel and Tourism Associations, Airline Catering and Cabin Services, Club management, Forest Lodges, Guest Houses amongst others. Expansion of global travel industry and aviation industry is expected to boost hotel industry in next couple of years.

Career prospects

• Restaurant Manager / Asst. Restaurant Manager

• Reservation Supervisor

• Food technologist

• Banquet Captain/ Manager

• Bell Captain/ Manager

• Food scientist

• Catering manager

• Executive Chef


• House Keeping Manager

• Front Office Manager

• F&B or Food and Beverage Director

• Back office manager

• Hotel General Manager

Restaurant Manager / Asst. Restaurant Manager

A career as a restaurant manager may appeal to you if you enjoy working in a lively, fast-paced environment Restaurant managers ensure that restaurants operate efficiently and profitably while maintaining their reputation and ethos. They must coordinate a variety of activities, whatever the size or type of the outlet; and are responsible for the business performance, quality standards and health and safety of the restaurant. Combining strategic planning and day-to-day management activities, the role is both business-like and creative, particularly in terms of marketing and business development.


• Oversee the dining area, supervises food and beverage service staff in accordance with operating policies that he or she may help establish.

• Creates a positive team atmosphere among Team Members.

• Maintains records of staff periodic manner and operating costs.

• Provides feedback and coaching to the Team regularly.

• Understands building capability through Cross training

• Treats all Team Members fairly, with respect.

• Sets high standards for appropriate team behaviour on shift.

• Works with food and beverage staff to ensure proper food presentation and proper food-handling procedures.

• Handle guest complaints in restaurants.

• Schedules periodic food and beverage service staff meetings to ensure correct interpretation of policies and obtain feedback from staff members.

• Maintain budget and employee records, prepare payroll, and pay bills, or monitor bookkeeping records.

• Check quality of deliveries of fresh food and baked goods.

• Meet with sales representatives to order supplies such as tableware, cooking utensils, and cleaning items.

• Arrange for maintenance and repair of equipment and other services.

• Total receipts and balance against sales, deposit receipts, and lock facility at end of day.

• Ensures new products are executed properly following roll-out.

• Is capable of handling irate customers with a friendly/calm attitude.

• Ensures product quality and great service.

• Shows enthusiasm about guest within the restaurant.

• Is flexible in dealing with changes/problems (e.g., being short staffed).

• Has effectively forecasted restaurant needs

• Shifts priorities and goals as work demands change.

• Prioritizes tasks effectively to ensure most important tasks are completed on time.

• Delegates and follows-up effectively.

• Taking Ownership of issues or tasks and also give detail update of the F&B manager and the General Manager.

• Seeks, listens and responds to Guest feedback.

• Coaches team on how to exceed Guest expectations.

• Does not blame others; takes accountability for problems.

• Effectively identifies restaurant problems through reports and can ideate & execute to resolve the same

• Proficiency in using computer software to monitor inventory, track staff schedules and pay, and perform other record keeping tasks.

• Proficiency in Point of sale ( POS ) software, inventory software, Restaurant guest satisfactory tracking software etc.

• Assist in planning regular and special event Menu.

Reservation Supervisor

He or She primarily supervises the reservation functions for the hotel ensuring all reservations are processed in a pleasant, professional and efficient manner. Manages and coordinates activities of reservation team members providing reservations and customer services skills. Achieving customer satisfaction and room revenue goals while taking guests through the booking process. Assist the reservation manager or front office manager with budgeting, forecasting, and hiring, retaining and developing reservations and customer service employees.


• Act as a main resource for reservation agents needing assistance technically or with regards to achieving customer satisfaction.

• Ensure reservation department and Front Office staff are constantly aware of availability states open, on request, closed dates, high demand dates etc.

• Responds to all guest reservation requests and executes prompt, courteous and accurate guest service at all times.

• Fully knowledgeable about hotel guest rooms, rates, promotions, amenities, programs, hotel facilities and services.

• Answer guest inquiries pertaining to hotel services, registration of guests, and shopping, dining, entertainment and travel directions etc.

• Manage systems that are set up within the reservations department to ensure accurate handling and monitoring of phone calls.

• Assists and prepare in groups pre-arrival process and also preparing group rooming lists.

• Maintains a clean and organized work area.

• Attends all scheduled meetings as required with HOD's or Sales team.

• Create and manage rates and packages configured on the Hotel software.

• Track all reservations picked up from all On-line channels like hotel website, OTA, GDS, other third party etc.

• If there are failed reservations to update the Hotel software then process those reservations manually.

• Co-ordinate with the Channel manager, or software vendors for any availability, rate or booking integration issues.

• Handle external systems like channel Manager, Web booking engines, Rate comparison tools, Online Travel Agents extranets etc.

• Update No-shows and cancellations on all OTA's without fail to avoid and unwanted commissions.

• Responsible for maintaining Rate parity across all booking Channels (Website, OTA, GDS, Travel Agents Etc.)

• Adjust rates according to suggestions from Yield or Revenue management systems.

• Verify all reservations taken on the reservation forms are updated on the PMS without fail.

• Understand and enforce hotel and company credit policies and Ensure proper billing instructions, routing instructions and payment methods are applied to the reservations.

• Verify if each reservation requests are processed as per the hotel standards and without delay.

• Verify if reservation confirmation letters are send for all processed bookings within the stipulated time.

• Process retentions, no-show and cancellations as per the hotel policy and procedures.

• Handles any request for amenities or transportation promptly and accurately. Details are shared with the concerned department or third party accurately.

• Monitor all Tentative / Provisional / Waitlisted bookings entered on the system and follow up done for deposits / guarantee.

• Records and files all reservation correspondence neatly and accurately on prescribed forms or folders.

• Keep records of room availability, rates, amendments, daily reservation pickup, rooms on book, cancellations, no-show, etc.

• Handles the reservation correspondence accurately and neatly and follow up for any missing correspondence before guest arrival.

• All reservation modifications are updated on the property management system immediately and accurately in case of any changes.

• Maintain department approved quality assurance program to include, but not limited to, rates, deposits property descriptions, activity tables and reservations letters.

• Manage reservation function to maintain the highest possible room occupancy and average daily rate through suggestive selling and recommendations from external yield or revenue management systems Eg. Ideas.

• Ensure acceptable service levels and all statistical reports are sought and maintained.

• Tracks daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly statistics for analytical, budgeting and forecasting purposes.

• Check forecasting reports based on statistics codes (Market, Source, Rate Code etc.),reservations which are wrongly tagged should be amended.

• Receive contracts detailing room allotments and creates allotments on the hotel management system.

• Train newly recruited reservation staffs in taking reservations, telephone etiquettes, reservation module on hotel software and processing emails.

• Ensure that Guest service agents at front desk are also trained on reservations and checking hotel availability.

• Ensure deposit payment is taken in advance for all pay at hotel reservations eg: Direct reservation, OTA's (, Orbits, Expedia etc.)

• Determine work procedures, prepare work schedules, assign duties and expedite work flow for reservation agents.

• Manage all aspects of reservation department in the absence of reservation manager

Food technologist

Food technologists are responsible for the safe and efficient development, modification and manufacture of food products and processes. Employers of food technologists include food manufacturing and retail companies, universities, government organisations and specialist research associations/consultancies. Technologists plan the manufacture of food and drink products and can work in a wide range of settings, including: kitchens, factories, laboratories and offices. Consequently, specific responsibilities vary greatly, but may include:


• generating new product ideas and recipes

• modifying and improving existing recipes

• designing processes and machinery for the production of recipes on a large scale

• liaising with marketing staff

• ensuring that stringent hygiene food safety standards are met

• identifying and choosing products from suppliers

• monitoring the use of additives

• testing and examining samples

• writing reports

Banquet Captain/ Manager

Primarily responsible for the supervision of the banquet staff and coordinates all food and beverage services within the banquet department. Train the banquet team and also oversees the enforcement of hotel standards on setting up the banquet hall, up keeping, service, break away, event courses, cleaning, staff grooming and hygiene. He / She should maintain and develop the highest level of guest relations. Manage all guest requests, complaints and queries and ensure that all aspects are communicated to the respective departments (Sales, Kitchen, F&B manager (HOD) etc.)


• Meet and greet guests in a friendly and warm manner.

• Coordinates with the event host on all aspects of the banquet function.

• Performs planning and organization functions for the banqueting department like maintaining the banquet logbook, maintaining and updating function sheets / BEO etc.

• Checks banquet rooms, service, and kitchen areas for cleanliness, proper set up, and make sure sufficient supplies and equipment are available for the function.

• Oversee all aspects of assigned banquet function activities, ensuring that food counters are properly set and ready for execution at the appointed time.

• Ability to respond quickly and accurately to guest requests.

• Ability to obtain any government required licenses or certification for example liquor licenses etc.

• Display good customer relation skills and take initiative to greet guests in a friendly manner.

• Plan the event course and orchestrates its completion in a timely, quiet and courteous manner.

• Observe guests to fulfil any additional requests, to perceive when next course should begin, or when meal is completed.

• Adhering to all banquet standard process and also hotel standard policies and procedures.

• Supervises and trains staff in the set up and break down of assigned banquet rooms according to contract and managers instructions.

• Supervises and trains staff in the service of food and beverages according to standards.

• Discuss any last minute changes with the banquet team.

• Ensure all guest requirements are set and ready 30 minutes before event start time.

• Coordinates function details with banquet, conference planning, and kitchen staff.

• Maintain constant contact with the banquet chef, to ensure conclusion between food production and food service.

• Monitor banquet personnel in the performance of their duties.

• Assist in conducting pre-shift and pre-function meetings.

• Actively participates in set up of banquet rooms and service of food and beverage to guests.

• Communicates frequently with fellow supervisors and banquet managers as to the progress of the days work.

• Communicates frequently with function hosts in order to ensure that their needs are being met.

• Ensures all guest checks are billed and signed by the host according to planned arrangements.

• Ensures accurate daily sales reconciliation and postings are completed and provided to the Front office.

• Display awareness and compliance with hotels security, safety, emergency and energy procedures.

• Ensure high grooming and hygiene standards are met by all banquet staff.

• Monitors the profitability of functions to ensure quality and portion control while minimizing waste and broken or lost supplies.

• Assists the Banquet Manager to establish maintenance, repair, and cleaning schedules for all banquet equipment and facilities.

• Guide, direct, and motivate banquet staff, Provide guidance and direction to subordinates, including setting performance standards and monitoring performance.

• Ability to take and pass all training provided and required by the banquet department to complete daily operational duties.

• Performs other duties as assigned.

Bell Captain/ Manager

Primarily responsible for the supervision of all bell desk staffs, activities and also up keeping of desk area. The bell captain is also responsible for welcoming all guests to the hotel as well as bidding them with a fond farewell. He should make sure all luggage, letter, courier and message movements are tracked and accounted. Adhere to hotels standard operating standards at all times and also Communicate with Front desk manager to increase the efficiencies of Bell stand / Bell Desk by preparing timely reports.


·         Ensure that bell desk is manned at all times.

·         Keep working area, clean and tidy always.

·         Ensure that smooth and fast baggage handling for all arrival / departure guests.

·         Maintain close relationship with reception / information / cashier as well as other departments.

·         Attend all guest calls for Bell stand / Door Services related services.

·         Delegate bell boys to pick up the baggage’s from guest rooms.

·         Errand cards   are filled in for all baggage movements (Check-in, Check-out, Left luggage etc.)

·         For any guest requests follow up call to be made back to the guest to verify complete satisfaction. 

·         All guest request are logged on to guest request tracker .

·         Check the inventory of items on loan, and all items are collected at the time of on or before check-out.

·         All baggage movements are tagged and recorded.

·         Update luggage movement register and sign off daily.

·         Ensure left luggage forms   are filled and duly signed by guest and also all applicable policies are explained to the guest.

·         Guest Messages are distributed properly and accurately.

·         Guest and other departments letters, couriers  are distributed properly and accurately.

·         Ensure that all bills are paid and room keys returned before guest depart from the hotel premises.

·         Ensure that hotel shuttle bus service and airport transfer are carried out smoothly and properly.

·         Order required newspaper for next day and monitor delivery of newspapers to each occupied guest room.

·         Help observe safety and security rules at all times.

·         Alert the management of any unattended packages and stranger found in the premises .

·         Checks the daily arrival list for VVIP's or guests with special need.

·         Prepare for group movements and ensure enough staffing is in place to handle groups.

·         Greet all guests in the lobby in a warm and professional manner, make them feel welcome and anticipate their needs before they arise.

·         Recognize all returning and VIP guests, and welcome them back. 

·         Helping guest service team in escorting guests to and from their accommodations and also orienting them with the property features, facilities and in room equipment’s.

·         Inform guest about all hotel and guest room features, hotel facilities and emergency procedures. 

·         Assist guests with their luggage and try to acknowledge them by name.

·         Make deliveries to guest rooms as instructed.

·         Store and retrieve luggage and other objects for guests.

·         Be aware of daily hotel activities, group and VIP arrivals. 

·         Communicate special guest requests to the Asst. Front Office Manager / Manager on Duty.

·         Ensure the lobby, bell closet and work areas as well as departmental equipment are clean and presentable at all times.

·         Assist the security team in scanning all guest luggage’s.

·         Offer assistance to all guests at times. 

·         Provide an efficient luggage storage, delivery and collection service.

·         Perform any other works as and when assigned by the management.

·         recruiting, training, supervising and appraising staff

·         managing budgets

·         maintaining statistical and financial records

·         planning

·         promoting and marketing the business

·         dealing with customer queries and complaints

·         overseeing pricing and stock control

·         maximising profitability and meeting sales targets

·         ensuring compliance with health and safety legislation

·         preparing promotional materials and displays

Food scientist

Food scientists apply scientific expertise and technological principles to the study of food products and processes within manufacturing and research settings. Employers of food scientists include food manufacturing and retail companies, universities, government organisations and specialist research associations. Food scientists study the microbiological, physical and chemical properties of food and ingredients. Other responsibilities of the job include:


·         evaluating the nutritional value, colour, flavour and texture of food

·         testing food samples for particular types of moulds, yeast and bacteria that may be harmful

·         ensuring that food manufacturing processes conform with government, processing, consumer and industry standards

·         exploring alternative manufacturing methods

·         producing new food products

·         working closely with other food production staff including microbiologists, engineers, packaging specialists and buyers

·         establishing low-cost wholesale food production methods

·         investigating and setting standards for safety and quality

Catering manager

Catering managers are responsible for planning, administering and supervising an organisation's catering operations and services. Catering managers lead teams of chefs and catering assistants. They are responsible for running the day-to-day catering operations and services in restaurants, hotels and resorts. Catering managers are responsible for monitoring the quality of the food and service and for making sure that their outlets perform well. The most important part of the job is achieving good quality at low cost and maintaining high standards of hygiene and customer satisfaction. Typical activities include:


·         Planning menus in consultation with chefs

·         Ordering supplies

·         Hiring, training, supervising and motivating permanent and casual staff

·         Organising staff rotas

·         Ensuring that health and safety regulations are strictly observed, recorded and archived

·         Monitoring the quality of the product and service provided

·         Keeping to budgets and maintaining financial and administrative records

Executive Chef

Responsible for all food production including that used for restaurants, banquet functions and other outlets. Develop menus, food purchase specifications and recipes. Supervise staff. Develop and monitor food and labour budget for the department. Maintain highest professional food quality and sanitation standards.


·         Plans menus for all food outlets in the club.

·         Schedules and coordinates the work of chefs, cooks and other kitchen employees to assure that food preparation is economical and technically correct and within budgeted labour cost goals.

·         Approves the requisition of products and other necessary food supplies.

·         Ensures that high standards of sanitation, cleanliness and safety are maintained throughout all kitchen areas at all times.

·         Establishes controls to minimize food and supply waste and theft.

·         Safeguards all food preparation employees by implementing training to increase their knowledge about safety, sanitation and accident prevention principles.

·         Develops standard recipes and techniques for food preparation and presentation which help to assure consistently high quality and to minimize food costs; exercises portion control for all items served and assists in establishing menu selling prices.

·         Prepares necessary data for applicable parts of the budget; projects annual food, labour and other costs and monitors actual financial results; takes corrective action as necessary to help assure that financial goals are met.

·         Attends food and beverage staff and management meetings.

·         Consults with the Food & Beverage Director about food production aspects of special events being planned.

·         Cooks or directly supervises the cooking of items that require skillful preparation.

·         Ensures proper staffing for maximum productivity and high standards of quality; controls food and payroll costs to achieve maximum profitability.

·         Evaluates food products to assure that quality standards are consistently attained.

·         Interacts with food and beverage management to assure that food production consistently exceeds the expectations of members and guests.

·         In conjunction with F&B management team, assist in maintaining a high level of service principles in accordance with established standards.

·         Evaluates products to assure that quality, price and related goods are consistently met.

·         Develops policies and procedures to enhance and measure quality; continually updates written policies and procedures to reflect state-of-the-art techniques, equipment and terminology.

·         Establishes and maintains a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule for all kitchen areas and equipment.

·         Provides training and professional development opportunities for all kitchen staff.

·         Ensures that representatives from the kitchen attend service lineups and meetings.

·         Periodically visits dining area when it is open to welcome members.

·         Support safe work habits and a safe working environment at all times.

·         Perform other duties as directed.


Bartenders will be responsible to prepare and serve drinks to customers. able to mix and match ingredients in order to create classic and innovative drinks in accordance with customers’ needs and expectations. The purpose of this position is to interact with the hotel guests and ensure they have a great experience at the BAR or lounge.

Executive Chef

·         Interact with customers, take orders for drinks and snacks.

·         Plan and present bar menu.

·         Serve snacks and drinks to the customer.

·         Check identification of the guest to make sure they meet age requirements for purchase of alcohol and tobacco products.

·         Mix ingredients to prepare cocktails and other drinks.

·         Mix drinks, cocktails and other bar beverages as ordered and in compliance with hotel standard drink recipes.

·         Prepare alcohol or non-alcohol beverages.

·         Service Wine and Beer to guests.

·         Arrange bottles and glasses to make attractive displays.

·         Assess customers’ needs and preferences and make recommendations

·         Ability to Sell or influence others for up selling and suggestive selling.

·         Provide recommendations and suggestions to guest for choosing Drinks and Snacks.

·         Serve customers in a friendly and helpful manner.

·         Provide guidance to guests on resort activities, dining options and general resort and Regional information.

·         Determine when a customer has had too much alcohol and if required refusing any further serving on a polite way.

·         Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of food and beverage products, menus and Promotions

·         Handle and move objects, such as glasses and bottles, using hands and arms.

·         Clean up after customers and clean work area.

·         Clear ashtrays as and when required.

·         Wash glassware and utensils after each use.

·         Maintain a clean working area by sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, cleaning of glass doors and windows, etc. if required.

·         Perform physical activities such as lifting and stooping.

·         Maintain liquor inventory and consumption.

·         Collect payment for drinks served and balance all receipts.

·         Handle an assigned house bank and follow all cash handling procedures as per hotel standard.

·         Prepare inventory or purchase requisitions as needed to replenish supplies.

·         Ensure that the assigned bar area is fully equipped with tools and products needed for Mixing beverages and serving guests. 

·         Stay guest focused and nurture an excellent guest experience

·         Comply with all food and beverage regulations

·         Perform Other duties as and when assigned by the hotel management.

House Keeping Manager

The Housekeeping Manager is responsible for planning, organizing, and developing of the overall operation of the housekeeping department in accordance with federal, state, and local standards and guidelines along with assuring the highest degree of quality guest care is maintained at all times. Responsible for staffing, scheduling, training and developing hourly staff.

Tasks and Responsibilities:

        Manage the daily activities of the Housekeeping department to include appropriate cleaning of all offices, concourses, seating areas, washrooms, restaurants, concession stands, suites, and all public spaces.

        Planning, organizing and directing team members to ensure the highest degree of guest satisfaction.

        Daily supervision of the housekeeping staff, including the day, event and post-event crews.

        Daily supervision of the grounds keeping staff, including the day, event and post-event crews.

        Purchase, re-order and maintain housekeeping supplies and inventory.

        Conduct pre-event inspections of all rooms, concourses, clubs, seating areas and public areas prior gate opening for every event held at the Arena.

        Recruit, schedule and train all new housekeeping staff members.

        Maintain the housekeeping budget, providing billing summaries and expenses for all pre and post events.

        Uphold the highest standards of cleanliness, safety, and conduct.

        Knowledge of OSHA and safety standards within Housekeeping department.

        Determines and maintains the department work schedule used to notify staff of upcoming events and ensure proper preparation and staffing for each event.

        Ensures the proper maintenance of all equipment; makes arrangements for repair and/or replacement of used and damaged equipment.

Front Office Manager

The Front Office Manager manages all aspects of the department including but not limited to operations, planning, budgeting, staffing and payroll in accordance with hotel policies and procedures. The Front Office Manager provides leadership and support to all members of the Front Office, implements and enforces the Hay Adams Standards of Excellence in all areas supervised.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

        Manage and monitor activities of all employees in the Front Office department making sure they adhere the standards of excellence and to the guidelines set in the employee handbook, hotel policies and procedures, coaching, training and correcting where needed.

        Maintain a professional and high quality service oriented environment at all times.

        Act as manager on duty for the hotel, dealing with complaints, problem solving, disturbances, special requests and any other issues that may arise.

        Inform all Front Office staff of daily activities, group and VIP arrivals as well as special requests and repeat guests. Check accommodations, making sure any special requests are carried out accordingly, greet guests upon arrival and ensure escort to accommodations if appropriate.

        Undertake full responsibility for Scheduling and Payroll of the department.

        Undertake full responsibility for managing operating expenses and purchasing for the department

        Set Front Office Budget, monitor Profit & Loss and cash handling throughout the year. Supervise Upsell program at the Front Office and work as part of the Yield Management team to try and maximize revenue for the hotel.

        Work closely with the Housekeeping Department to improve guest services and foster cross departmental communication.

        Coordinate daily activities with hotel management team on a daily basis.

        Hold monthly department meetings keeping staff informed of all activities in the hotel, reinforcing Standards of Excellence and promoting a strong team atmosphere and culture.

        Be aware and able to enforce all fire-life-safety procedures. Remain current in all updates with regards to new procedures and training. Ensure staff is fully trained in emergency procedures. This position is a member of the hotel’s emergency response team.


F&B or Food and Beverage Director

The Director of Food & Beverage is responsible for co-ordinating all phases of group meeting/banquet functions held in the Hotel; coordinate these activities on a daily basis; assist clients in program planning and menu selection.


        Achievement of budgeted food sales, beverage sales, labour costs and profitability.

        Completion of Customer Follow-up calls on a timely basis.

        Timely analysis of Food & Beverage Prices in relation to competition.

        Participation and input towards F&B Marketing activities.

        Entertainment of potential and existing customers.

        Preparation of Sales Promotions & Mailings.

        Competitive analysis every six months by calling competition and gathering data such as banquet kits, room rental rates, etc.

        Telemarketing to previous clients to inquire about possible future bookings.

        Development and maintenance of all department control procedures.

        Handle all Food & Beverage inquiries and ensure timely follow up on the same business day.

        To co-ordinate with all large group meeting/banquet planners their specific group requirements with the services & facilities offered. This includes proposals, contracts, estimated and actual function statements. With banquet or conferences, the Chef is to be included in food related discussions.

        To confirm all details relative to group functions with meeting/banquet planners.

        Supervision of daily paper flow including Proposals, and Function Contracts.

        Maintenance of Hotel credit policies.

        Directly responsible for large function billings and overseeing medium/small function billings with particular regard to accuracy and timeliness (48 hours)

        Evaluation forms must accompany all invoices.

        Gather for large events, oversee for medium/small events, guaranteed attendance numbers. They are required 3 business days in advance of functions.

        Completion of monthly forecast.

        Attendance and participation at weekly F & B meeting and Department Head meeting.

        To assist in menu planning and pricing.

        Development and maintenance of department manual.

        Supervision of weekly payroll input.

        Be available to Hotel Staff at all times in case of emergency.

        Must have a complete knowledge of Fire Procedures.

        All other duties as directed by the General Manager or Assistant General Manager.

        Participation in Manager on Duty shifts as required.

        Assure bar inventory for functions, including opening and closing inventories, accurate bar summaries and cash deposits are prepared.

        Assure the maintenance of bar control policies.

        Assure completion of requisitions where deemed necessary.

        Assure the completion of weekly schedule and shift duties while :a. Maintaining a labour cost below the maximum of 15%. b. Assuring adequate and consistent 

        Completion of monthly inventory.

        Assure timely completion of function bills.

        Assure the ordering and purchasing of beer, wine, liquor, premix canisters and canned soft for Food& Beverage and vending.

        Purchasing of purchase requirements of small wares, linens requirements etc.

        Directly responsible for larger groups…overseeing medium and smaller groups:

        Consistent check of Banquet Food and Beverage quality, Banquet services and pallet presentation.

        Ensuring that services meet customer specifications.

        Quality of meeting room set-up.

        Liaise on an on-going basis with the Sales Department to ensure all client needs and requirements will be met.

        Work with the Chef, Assistant Director of Food & Beverage and Food & Beverage Supervisor to ensure all arrangements and details are dealt with.

        Establish a rapport with groups to ensure guest satisfaction and repeat business.

        Minimize number of customer complaints.

        Ensure a professional attitude and proper business attire when on property, ready to meet or service a client at any time.

        Staff professional attitude and proper meeting Company appearance and uniform standards.

        Teamwork-Relations with co-workers and management.

        Quality of Food & Beverage services and department phone handling.

        Meeting with convenors and confirming proper set-up of Function Room at time of Function while on duty.

        Responsible for staff training and development.

        Ensure all staff have ‘Smart Serve’ certification.

        Personnel selection.

        Proper hiring procedures followed. For management positions, either the HR Manager or the Asst. General Manager must join the Director of Food & Beverage for all interviews. For line personnel, the Assistant to the Director of Food & Beverage must be present with the Food & Beverage Supervisor.

        Proper termination procedures must be followed.

        Department meeting being held monthly. General Manager, Assistant General Manager and Human Resources Manager to be notified of meetings in a timely fashion.

        High employee retention.

        Personal development and growth.

        Discipline of personnel when required.

        Responsible for overseeing all scheduling within the department.

        Participation towards overall Hotel Maintenance and cleanliness.

        Achieving service that exceeds expectations.

        Overall maintenance of the operation at a level in keeping with the standards prescribed.

        Minimize the number of Workmen's Compensation claims.

        Report any deficiencies in equipment and facilities.


Back office manager

He / She is responsible to assist the stewarding manager to enforce the highest possible cleanliness and hygiene standards in all food processing facilities, as well as the operating equipments. Main responsibilities include dish room operations, night cleaning, back area cleaning and equipments maintenance, banquet plating and food running.


·         Supervise the duties of all stewarding department employees, facilities, operation and costs.

·         Supervise the sanitation, cleanliness, hygiene as well as the quality level of product and services.

·         Ensure Back of House areas are maintained to the highest cleanliness standards and cleaning schedules are followed and completed.

·         Direct and assist Stewards in order to make clean up more efficient. 

·         Ensure water temperature, and chemical levels are appropriate for cleaning and documented. 

·         Assist with Banquet plate-ups and buffet by transporting and ensuring adequate stock.

·         Assist Chefs and kitchen staff with various tasks as needed.

·         Check more specifically the proper use of chemicals and washing accessories.

·         Coordinate with the Stewarding Manager in establishing minimum and maximum operating par stocks and supplies and approve storeroom requisition.

·         Co-ordinate with the Assistant Food & Beverage Manager and Outlet Managers to check their requirements for the day and the next day.

·         Assist in the location, movement and storage of banquet operational equipment.

·         Assist in the stock take of equipment and other items as required.

·         Work closely with the Chef, Banquets & Catering Manager to anticipate guest needs.

·         Work with all departments to ensure items that are required for service are available when needed.

·         Take all necessary actions to reduce the loss of silverware / flatware.

·         Take all necessary actions to reduce breakage of China and Glasswares.

·         Supervises employees ability to follow loss prevention policies to prevent accidents and control costs.

·         Enforces proper cleaning routines for service ware, equipment, floors, etc.

·         Enforces proper use and cleaning of all dish room machinery.

·         Ensures all food holding and transport equipment is in working order.

·         Ensures compliance with food handling and sanitation standards.

·         Ensuring Stewarding staffs have supplies, equipment, tools, and uniforms necessary to do their jobs.

·         Prepare monthly reports on shortages in china silverware and equipment and requisition replacements as required while following budget guidelines.

·         Lead and manage the Stewarding team in all aspects of the department and ensure standards are followed.

·         Ability to work well under pressure in a fast paced environment.

·         Ensures disciplinary procedures and documentation are completed according to Standard Operating Procedures.

·         Achieves and exceeds goals including performance goals, budget goals, team goals, etc.

·         Celebrates successes by publicly recognizing the contributions of team members.

·         Encourages and builds mutual trust, respect, and cooperation among team members.

·         Serves as a role model for the stewarding teams to demonstrate appropriate behaviours.

·         Carry out any other reasonable task set by the Hotel’s Management.


Hotel General Manager

The General manager is responsible for all aspects of operations at the hotel, to day-to-day staff management and guests. He / She should be an ambassador for the brand and your hotel. Provide leadership and strategic planning to all departments in support of our service culture, maximized operations and guest satisfaction. Work Very closely with the hotel owners and other stake holders.

Responsible for managing the Hotels management team (HOD's) and overall hotel targets to deliver an excellent Guest experience. A General Manager would also be required to manage between profitability and guest satisfaction measures. 


·         Oversee the operations functions of the hotel, as per the Organizational chart.

·         Hold regular briefings and meetings with all head of departments.

·         Ensure full compliance to Hotel operating controls, SOP’s, policies, procedures and service standards.

·         Lead all key property issues including capital projects, customer service and refurbishment.

·         Handling complaints, and oversee the service recovery procedures.

·         Responsible for the preparation, presentation and subsequent achievement of the hotel's annual Operating Budget, Marketing & Sales Plan and Capital Budget.

·         Manage on-going profitability of the hotel, ensuring revenue and guest satisfaction targets are met and exceeded.

·         Ensure all decisions are made in the best interest of the hotels and management.

·         Deliver hotel budget goals and set other short and long term strategic goals for the property.

·         Developing improvement actions, carry out costs savings.

·         A strong understanding of P&L statements and the ability to react with impactful strategies

·         Closely monitor the hotels business reports  on a daily basis and take decisions accordingly. 

·         Ensure that monthly financial outlooks for Rooms, Food & Beverage, Admin & General, on target and accurate.

·         Maximizing room yield and hotels / resort revenue through innovative sales practices and yield management programs.

·         Prepare a monthly financial reporting for the owners and stake holders.

·         Draw up plans and budget (revenues, costs, etc.) for the owners.

·         Helping in the procurement of operating supplies and equipment, and contracting with third-party vendors for essential equipment’s and services.

·         Act as a final decision maker in hiring a key staffs.

·         Coordination with HOD's for the execution of all activities and functions.

·         Overseeing and managing all departments and working closely with department heads on a daily basis.

·         Manage and develop the Hotel Executive team to ensure career progression and development.

·         Be accountable for responsibilities of department heads and take ownership of all guest complaints.

·         Provide effective leadership to hotel team members.

·         Lead in all aspects of business planning.

·         Respond to audits to ensure continual improvement is achieved.

·         Corporate client handling and take part in new client acquisition along with the sales team whenever required.

·         Assisting in residential sales as and when required and development with strong sales prospects.

·         Responsible for safeguarding the quality of operations both (internal & external audits).

·         Responsible for legalization, Occupational Health & Safety Act, fire regulations and other legal requirements.